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Welcome to our website

In our site you can find information about our company and our activities. Investigate what we do and especially what we can do for you.

This site will allow you to know better and to enter at any time contact us for more information.

Who we are

Our company is the continuation of the historical and estimated foundry FEM Ermanno Morselli has been engaged in the die cast for over 50 years.
Lobofusioni in the same place and with the same workmen who over the years have been formed with great passion and competence, carries out all kinds of die cast and die because of their long experience.

Our professionalism, expertise and the experience we offer to our customers seek to satisfy their needs.

Lobofusioni makes any kind of casting brass, bronze, copper, aluminum and aluminum alloy, zinc alloy etc.. With and without soul. We create any number of processing and design, building shells and molds.

Some products